Puig Windscreen Touring Clear 2014-2017 Honda CTX700


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Puig has been designing, producing and distributing windscreens from their facilities in Granollers, Spain since 1964. In 2013 the company expanded with the opening of Puig USA in Orlando, FL where Puig Racing Windscreens and Puig Touring Windscreens are designed from the data generated from their virtual wind tunnel. By utilizing this data, Puig is able to manufacture windshields that provide best-in-class performance to the bikes of race teams around the world. Through this extensive research, Puig has gained the trust and loyalty of their customers through their relentless pursuit of improving and easing the rider’s experience on their bike by minimizing windblast.

Away from the track, the incorporation of a Puig windshield can be just as influential in augmenting comfort, performance, and style. Additionally, the research and innovation does not stop with windscreens. For bike protection on the track, the choice of items such as Puig frame sliders and the Puig engine guard have been developed to stand at the top of the spectrum. At the same time, features such as a Puig fender eliminator kit can be used to give your bike a more streamlined look and feel. From the Puig double bubble windscreen, which is a staple of the lineup, to lesser known pieces such as the Puig rear hugger, some of the best in the business look to Puig Windscreens for a wide variety of products and styles.

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