RIVCO Motorcycle LED Turn Signal Mirrors Chrome

RIVCO Motorcycle LED Turn Signal Mirrors Chrome
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  • Manufacturer: Rivco Products
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RIVCO Products Custom LED Lighted Turn Signal Motorcycle Mirrors

These motorcycle LED mirrors could very well save your life! When you’re riding, your every intention must be clearly seen by all other motorists. The more lighting the better – a situation that’s not always attractive or even practical on every bike. Unless the solution is RIVCO’s LED turn signal mirror set!


Super-bright LEDs - easy to see in the brightest sun
Crystal clear lenses
Triple chrome plated frames
Simple bolt-on, plug-in installation
Increased visibility and safety
Notifies the rider when signal is left on (for bikes without self-canceling turn signals)
Anti-vibration design for clearer vision
Unique mirrors feature bright amber LEDs on the front side with clear lenses that work as both turn signals and running lights.

Sold in Pairs

This set fits all motorcycles that have handlebar mounted mirrors and includes adaptors for metric motorcycles.


 Bright red LEDs on the outer rim of the mirrored side function as turn signals, and the combination of custom design and LEDs gives your motorcycle extremely high visibility and a clean look. The taller, longer stems combined with convex 3 1/2” x 5” mirrors provide a greatly increased field of vision behind the rider.

Simply bolt the mirrors on, connect the wires to the turn signals and you’re done. Want a true minimalist look but don’t want to replace your stock signals with tiny units or remove them altogether? The MIRLED mirrors let you have that custom “stripped down” look while keeping you SEEN and SAFE.

Also see #the blacked out version of these LED lighted turn signal mirrors!

NOTE: To install on Victory Crossroads or Cross Country models with Can-bus wiring requires two extra relays, and is covered in the product instructions.

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